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Story Telling of Alas Kumala Collection

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Wheat is a crop that has a great benefits for a humans.The message want to conveyed that we are aware the source of our food.How a farmers struggling to produce the best wheat and how they're lament if it failed to harvest.

When we're observe the wheat, it had the philosophy of alliance, while its too weak to stand alone but when united will be sturdy and strong.

In the daily life, the farmers wore a simple outfits and irregular style mix with the 80's and post mo and thus inspired Rosie Rahmadi to present 5 outfits modest wear with a feminine dress as its characteristic to emphasize a beauty displayed through simplicity concept, suitable for feminine and elegant individual but not overdo. Through material used such as a cotton, a linen, a satin, a taffeta, an organza, a wool and a brocade.
This collection going to use a brown, a blue and a grey colour as a dominant colour to describe the farmers life.

Generally used an A-line silhouette with a style the 80's and post mo, equipped with a hat as a protection from the sun.The detail that used is a handmade rope strap of the stalks of wheat complimented with a series of a grain of wheat as a whole inspiration.

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