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LAI NALINI lit from a blessed tree, an olive, neither of the east nor of the west, whose oil would almost glow forth(of it self), though no fire touched it...(QS An-Nur: 35)


Olive is a small tree perennial plants and evergreen.

The immature fruit can be eaten raw or after preserved can be used as a refresher. The old one will squeeze and the oil extracted be olive oil which can be used for a variety of purpose.


Olive oil is not oil carelessly, from Allah SWT and His  Prophet SAW has been mentioned many times the particulars of this olive oil. There is a special content in the oil.


Behind those privileges of olive there must be a farmers who work hard to care and to maintenance the plant. It described they wore a simple outfit mix with the 80's style and post mo and thus inspired Rosie Rahmadi to present 12 outfits modest ready to wear with a feminine dress as a characteristic to emphasize a beauty displayed through simplicity concept, suitable for a feminine and elegant individual but not overdo. Through material used such as a cotton, a linen, a satin, a polyester, an organza, a brocade and a tulle.


This collection going to use a colours that represent a series of rain events that loosen the soil then seed planting and finally become a verdant olive groves.


Generally used an A-line silhouette with a style the 80's and post mo, equipped with a hat as a protection from the sun and a long hoods dangled describing the beauty of olive.


In this collection the details used is a handmade in a form of olive fruit made from an organza material then pressed to form a circles, beside that there is also a mixed material to produce the particular texture into the overall picture of inspiration.


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Rp. 399.000
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Rp. 1.299.000